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Hello there, and thanks for stopping by. As of early April, 2021, spring is in the air and I hope we're about to turn the tide on the virus.  I hope you and yours are staying healthy. I am indebted to a myriad of artists, teachers and friends, with whom I have been fortunate enough to encounter on my own "long, strange trip". My formal studies have taken me from studying Visual Arts at Webster College in Webster Groves, MO., Horticulture at Maui Community College, Tropical Agriculture and Plant Pathology at the University of Hawaii on Oahu, Hawaii, and Environmental Biology at Hood College in Frederick, MD. I worked as a tech and support scientist for USDA for 30 years, primarily in the area of "Biological Control of Exotic, Invasive Weeds with Fungal Pathogens", before retiring at the end of 2019. 
As a result of my work history and studies, my visual work reflects a strong influence from the natural world. I exhibit at my studio in Frederick, MD., and locally. Prices for work do not include shipping or tax. 


I'm PProcess;

1. Paintings are in oil, acrylic, or a combination of both, sometimes with charcoal added.

2. Gyotaku are from the direct method, (paint on fish, paper pressed on fish), acrylic on rice paper, and adhered to hardboard or canvas.

3. Frottage' is of oil crayon rubbing on rice paper from damage caused by bark beetles on locust trees. Paper adhered to canvas or hardboard, light and dark areas either detailed with acrylic or not.

4. Monoprints. Acrylic applied to leaves of Monstera deliciosa, and pressed onto either canvas or hardboard.


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